WLGA welcomes Welsh Government Council Tax plans

Tuesday, 07 December 2021


Responding to today’s announcement by the Finance and Local Government Minister of plans for a consultation next year on council tax reform, Cllr Anthony Hunt (WLGA Finance Spokesperson) said:


The announcement by the Welsh Government today is welcomed and we support these initial steps being made to reform Council Tax and make it fairer. 

Council tax forms a large proportion of funding for local services, and funds large services like education and social care right down to smaller, but vital, services like environmental health and trading standards. 

We look forward to working with the Welsh Government to bring the system of local taxation more up to date and make it more progressive. We will need to work together to consider the impact on household finances and the services that they receive. The consultation next year is welcomed and should be cast as wide as possible working with politicians at all levels to take into account the views of our communities across Wales who will be affected by any changes.

I am pleased that the Minister recognises the need to focus on the ‘building blocks’ in the early stages. This will lay the foundations for longer term reforms and meaningful engagement across our communities, council chambers and the Senedd.

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