Senedd Committee Inquiries

The Senedd has a number of subject-led committees who hold evidence gathering meetings throughout the year. These meetings generally take place at the Senedd building in Cardiff Bay and are made up of appointed Members of the Senedd (MSs) from the different party groups.


The Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) receives invites from the committees to attend meetings to present the views of local government on, for example:


  • a proposed new Senedd law (a Bill);
  • post legislative scrutiny of an existing Senedd Act;
  • policy decisions made by Welsh Government; or
  • an issue (inquiry) within the committee's remit


The WLGA welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the work of Senedd committees as there are likely to be implications for local government, either directly or indirectly later on.


The WLGA often provides written evidence in advance of its attendance, which is prepared following consultation with relevant parties from both within and outside local government. This evidence becomes the basis for discussions with those Members of the Senedd who sit on the committee on the day.


WLGA representation at a committee meeting is drawn from one or more of the following:


  • WLGA Spokespersons
  • Cabinet Members with portfolio responsibilities
  • Local Authority Senior Officers
  • WLGA Senior Officers
  • WLGA Advisors


The WLGA also provides written evidence to committees, in reply to:


  • specific local government related written questions which have been raised at committee meetings and where a response from the WLGA has been requested;
  • a consultation exercise undertaken by a committee to support an inquiry or a new law; or
  • additional information to an ongoing inquiry or a new law   


Further information about WLGA written evidence to the Senedd is available from the menu opposite or by visiting our website pages on Legislation and Legislation – Post legislative scrutiny


For more information contact Barry Willliams


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