Our Goal

Increased access to good quality affordable housing


"Councils urgently need greater investment powers to build affordable homes in Wales"

Improving people’s access to good quality affordable housing is essential for improving community well-being, both now and for future generations.


A clear target has been set. The Welsh Government hopes that an additional 20,000 affordable homes will be available by 2021 and as enablers, investors and landlords our local councils will be at the forefront of delivery.


Local government is the best placed sector for offering a comprehensive understanding and effective response to local housing needs.


Significant progress is being made. Since an historic agreement with the UK Treasury, 11 Welsh councils are fully self-financing and able to reinvest their rental incomes into local social housing.


If a Treasury-imposed cap on housing borrowing is also lifted in the future, councils will be able to offer even greater levels of investment to help meet a growing demand for housing in Wales.


From preventing homelessness and bringing empty homes back into productive use, to enforcing new initiatives like Rent Smart Wales, our councils continue to lead the way on housing reform.


Working with a wide range of partners from housing associations to the private rental sector, we aim to improve the supply and quality of affordable housing in Wales.


We do so by offering support, improving practice through research and practitioner toolkits, and by actively influencing national housing policy in Wales.

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The Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) represents the interests of local government and promotes local democracy in Wales.

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