WLGA Political Meetings

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WLGA Meetings Venue


WLGA Executive Board Remote


WLGA Rural Forum

24/02/2023 WLGA Executive Board Remote
17/03/2023 WLGA Management Sub-Committee Online
31/03/2023 WLGA Council In Person / Hybrid
28/04/2023 WLGA Executive Board remote
16/05/2023 WLGA Audit Committee  Online
26/05/2023 WLGA Executive Board Hybrid / Ceredigion
30/06/2023  WLGA Council AGM Hybrid
26/07/2023 WLGA Executive Board Online
15/09/2023  WLGA Executive Board In person / Llandudno
24/10/2023  WLGA Audit Committee Online
27/10/2023  WLGA Management Sub-Committee Hybrid
27/10/2023 WLGA Executive Board Hybrid / Cardiff
24/11/2023  WLGA Executive Board Hybrid / Cardiff
06/12/2023  WLGA Rural Forum  Online
15/12/2023  WLGA Executive Board Online


WLGA Meetings Venue
28/01/2022 Executive Board via Zoom
25/02/2022 Management Sub-Committee via Zoom
16/03/2022 WLGA Council via Zoom
17/03/2022 Audit Committee via Zoom
29/03/2022 Management Sub-Committee via Zoom
10/06/2022 Leaders' Introductory Meeting One Canal Parade, Cardiff and via Zoom
24/06/2022 WLGA Council and Annual General Meeting

Hybrid – The Pavilions, Clydach Vale and via Zoom

WLGA Executive Board 
via Zoom
24/10/2022 Audit Committee  

WLGA Executive Board

17/11/2022 WLGA Rural Forum  
25/11/2022 WLGA Council  
09/12/2022 WLGA Management Sub-Committee  
16/12/2022 WLGA Executive Board  


WLGA Meetings Venue
29/01/2021 Executive Board To be confirmed
26/02/2021 Management Sub-Committee To be confirmed
05/03/2021 Council Special Meeting: Diversity in Democracy via Teams
26/03/2021 Council via Teams
15/04/2021 Audit Committee via Teams
23/04/2021 Management Sub-Committee via ZOOM


Executive Board via Teams
25/06/2021 Council and 26th Annual General Meeting via Teams
16/07/2021 Executive Board via ZOOM
24/09/2021 Executive Board via ZOOM/Teams
07/10/2021 Audit Committee via ZOOM
22/10/2021 Executive Board via ZOOM
26/11/2021 Council via ZOOM
16/12/2021 Management Sub-Committee via ZOOM


Meeting Venue
31/01/2020 WLGA Executive Board WLGA, Cardiff with video link
28/02/2020 WLGA Management Sub-Committee WLGA, Cardiff with video link
27/03/2020 WLGA Council (CANCELLED) Council Chamber, Conwy CBC, Conwy
09/04/2020 WLGA Audit Committee WLGA, Cardiff with video link
24/04/2020 WLGA Management Sub-Committee (CANCELLED) WLGA, Cardiff with video link
22/05/2020 WLGA Executive Board (CANCELLED) West Wales
26/06/2020 WLGA Council and 25th Annual General Meeting (CANCELLED) To be confirmed
17/07/2020 Executive Board (CANCELLED) Mid-Wales
25/09/2020 WLGA Council (CANCELLED) City Hall, Cardiff
08/10/2020 WLGA Audit Committee Microsoft Teams
23/10/2020 WLGA Council and 25th Annual General Meeting Microsoft Teams
27/11/2020 WLGA Council Microsoft Teams
17/12/2020 WLGA Management Sub-Committee (POSTPONED) Microsoft Teams


The Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) represents the interests of local government and promotes local democracy in Wales.

Tel : 02920 468680
Mail : enquiries@wlga.gov.uk
Business Hours : Mon - Thurs 8:30 - 5:00, Fri - 08:30 - 16:30