Member Mentoring

The role of the elected member is a complex and challenging one. All members, from the newly elected to the more senior and experienced, need support and development in reacting to new or personally challenging situations. Authorities provide a range of essential support and development activities, but these cannot always cater for some of the individual and immediate needs of members. Mentoring is another approach within the opportunities that members have for development which can meet these needs. It is gaining popularity across the UK as organisations and individuals see the emerging benefits.


Members have traditionally made informal mentoring arrangements amongst themselves, sometimes with the support of officers or political groups in facilitating this.


Members across Wales have expressed an interest in building on this interest by being mentored or acting as peer mentors to colleagues. The WLGA is therefore committed to supporting authorities in making this happen.


The WLGA is able to help authorities wishing to support members in mentoring by:

  • Providing guidance on authority approaches and strategies
  • Workshops for members wishing to act as mentors

For more information contact: Sarah Titcombe


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