Council leaders in Wales call on UK and Welsh governments to “move heaven and earth” to help communities affected by heavy job losses in the north east

Tuesday, 07 July 2020

Leaders of the 22 councils in Wales have called on Welsh and UK governments to work together on a two-government support package to come to the aid of those affected by devastating job losses in Flintshire.

Airbus have announced that 1,727 jobs are to be cut across their UK operations, with many people and their families facing the heart-breaking prospect of losing highly skilled jobs and livelihoods at the firm’s biggest plant in Broughton in Deeside.


Councillor Rob Stewart (Swansea), WLGA Spokesperson for the Economy said:

“Airbus has long been one of our national flagship employers, with thousands of people having secured highly skilled jobs at the company. Such a heavy loss of employment is a body blow to the local economy in north Wales, and the wider Welsh economy at a time when people are already facing so much hardship due to the current crisis.

“As leaders of Wales’ 22 local authorities, we’re urging the First Minister and the Prime Minister to move heaven and earth to work together to help the region and those affected by these severe job cuts.”


Councillor Ian Roberts (Flintshire), Leader of Flintshire County Council said:

“Many people across Flintshire, north Wales and north west England have been devastated by the news of such severe job losses at the Airbus plant in Broughton. The shockwaves that will be felt in the local economy simply cannot be overstated, for both current workers and for many young people who had hoped to embark on their careers at the plant locally.

“I am grateful that all my fellow council leaders in Wales are joining me in calling for an urgent two-government solution to help support these workers and the aviation industry in Flintshire. This is desperately needed to help save people’s jobs, livelihoods, and the prosperity of the whole region.”



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