Review of Strategic Partnerships - June 2019

The Working Group on Local Government considered emerging work on mapping partnerships at its meeting on 25 January and there was an appetite for further work to be undertaken to review the partnership landscape.

The purpose of the review will be to review the partnership landscape and consider whether there is any unnecessary complexity or duplication; and identify opportunities for simplification and rationalisation.

The objectives would be to:

  • Identify key partnership arrangements where there are felt to be overlapping remits
  • Consider whether the purposes for which these partnership arrangements were established remain valid;
  • Consider whether the mechanisms for achieving these purposes (and supporting arrangements) remain appropriate or could be achieved in a more efficient / effective way
  • Consider what governance and accountability arrangements are required

Make recommendations on:

  • Practical action which can be taken immediately by the relevant partnerships to rationalise partnerships/improve alignment within the current legislative framework
  • Action the Welsh Government can take immediately to rationalise partnerships/improve alignment within the current legislative framework
  • Any aspects which would require legislative change

The review will be undertaken as a proportionate and pragmatic task and finish piece of work, rather than a lengthy exercise – taking around six months from instigation to completion.  

We would welcome any views you have by 5 July. We are then envisaging a period of targeted engagement over the summer before providing a final report with recommendations to the meeting of the Partnership Council for Wales on 2 October.

If you would like to discuss the review please contact or

For further information:

  1. Letter - Open link here
  2. Terms of Reference - Open link here


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