Data and Resources

  • Asylum Dispersal Toolkit. Developed by the Wales Strategic Migration Partnership to provide guidance for local authorities considering and preparing for participation in asylum dispersal. Read more here

Refugee Resettlement

  • Home Office - Resettlement: Policy Statement - For further information click here
  • UK Government Resettlement Scheme - For further information click here
  • Education Toolkit for Syrian Refugee Children in Wales - For further information click here
  • Cultural Orientation Training Package for Resettled Refugees - For further information click here
  • Community Sponsorship: How you can make it happen - For further information click here
  • How to apply for Community Sponsorship - For further information click here
  • Research report on the Evaluation of Community Sponsorship in the UK, from application to integration - For further information click here
  • Toolkit to support local authorities with Community Sponsorship applications and to share best practice - For further information click here
  • RESET - Communities and Refugees - For further information click here

Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC)

  • National transfer scheme protocol and frequently asked questions - For further information click here
  • Home Office - Resettlement: Policy Statement (Gateway, Mandate, VPRS and VCRS) - For further information click here
  • Dublin III Regulation (‘Dublin’) - For further information click here
  • Instructions to local authorities about funding - For further information click here
  • Wales-specific guidance for professionals on unaccompanied asylum seeking children - For further information click here
  • Age Assessment of Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children: All Wales Multi-Agency Toolkit (Being updated) - For further information click here
  • Coram Children’s Legal Centre - Resources and factsheets (information on legal issues affecting young refugees and migrants) - For further information click here
  • SAFE - A European Commissioned transnational project supporting frontline practitioners and care professionals, foster carers, kinship and Dublin family caretakers by enhancing their knowledge, skills and confidence and enabling them to provide better quality family-based care to unaccompanied and separated children. They have developed UK training modules for care professionals and foster carers, focusing on the asylum process, rights and entitlements of the child, care planning and provisions and integration in the UK - The training modules can be found here


  • ESOL Mapping Report - For further information click here
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Policy for Wales - For further information click here
  • ESOL Learners (Every Level): Improve your English with help from this free website from the British Council - For further information click here
  • Support for English Learners from the Welsh Refugee Council (Resources collated by Dr Mike Chick) - For further information click here 
  • Little Bridge - Interactive website aimed at children, but useful for families. Free access for asylum seeker and refugee families. Anyone interested should email Please use the reference: 'English Language Support' and 'Home Office' to help them with an efficient triage. Little Bridge will then set up a free account and offer free online training, if requested - For further information click here
  • The ESOL Coordinator shares information regarding upcoming webinars, resources etc - For further information email






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