Asylum Dispersal

Many local authorities and communities across the country have a long and continuing history in welcoming and supporting asylum seekers and refugees in need.

The Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 provides that an individual who is seeking asylum in the UK, and who is, or is likely to become, destitute, is eligible with their dependents for support while their claim for asylum is considered.

Dispersal is the process by which the Home Office moves destitute asylum seekers to local authority areas across the UK who have volunteered to participate in the UK Government dispersal programme, which began in 2001. 

Wales has four designated asylum dispersal areas, Newport, Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham, who collectively support 3219 asylum seekers (figures as at Feb 2020). The WSMP has worked closely with dispersal areas since inception of the programme to support LAs’ approach to dispersal to help and manage the impacts and promote the benefits. 

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  • Home Office guidance for asylum seekers staying in temporary accommodation while their claim for asylum is assessed (Available in several languages): Click here

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