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WLGA response to WAG announcement of extra 2.75 million boost to tackle potholes

02 February 2010

WLGA response to WAG announcement of extra £2.75 million boost to tackle potholes

WLGA Chief Executive Steve Thomas said:

“The recent bad weather has caused severe damage to roads across Wales, leaving local authorities to deal with significant repair bills. This cost, added to the huge financial pressure councils are already under has presented some real challenges for Wales.”

“The WLGA therefore welcomes the £2.75 million boost announced by the Assembly Government to tackle potholes. Local authorities have already been working around the clock to carry out vital repair work and this extra money, which will add to the annual grant already allocated to authorities, will allow councils to continue to work to ensure public safety.”

“However, whilst the Assembly Government mentions that this money is in addition to the £5m Local Roads Maintenance Grant (LRMG), sadly this time last year this grant, which was originally £15m, was cut by £10m in this financial year’s Assembly budget.”

“The repair bill for local authorities has been estimated to run into millions of pounds. Therefore, whilst the WLGA is welcoming of any extra money allocated to authorities, once distributed amongst all authorities in Wales, this extra money only begins to start address the huge costs now facing councils and more must continue to be done to support them in their repair effort.”

“The greater problem is the general poor condition of the local roads network. The patch and mend approach over many years is leading to significant problems and it is now estimated by the Asphalt Industry Alliance that it will take 15.6 years in Wales to clear this backlog with an average shortfall per Welsh authority of £3.3m. Sadly with the pressures on local authority budgets large scale resurfacing of roads grows an increasingly remote prospect”.

For further information, please contact:

Lucy Sweet 029 2046 8678 or

Notes for Editors

Local Roads Maintenance Grant (LRMG)

In 2007/8 the Welsh Assembly Government launched a Local Road Maintenance Grant (LRMG) to run for three years. This was a collaborative piece of work with the CSS and the aim was to help local authorities address a road maintenance backlog. The grant has been distributed on the basis of the Standard Spending Assessment (SSA) formula and a key condition required local authorities to continue their historic levels of spend on road maintenance.

Asphalt Industry Association

The Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) is an alliance of the Mineral Products Association and Refined Bitumen Association and draws on the knowledge and resources of each association. It was established in 2000 to increase awareness of the asphalt industry and the benefits of asphalt.

For more information contact: Lucy Sweet


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